A thought on abundance

There is this universal truth about abundance. It says that abundance is  right here and available to everyone. All we need to do is to open ourselves to  receive it. It can be pretty tough though to hold this thought constant when all around us we hear news of people loosing jobs, that country going bust and this country trying its best to juggle with economic challenges. However thoughts have energy and the more we focus on the downward-spiral, the more we feed that energy. It can be as simple as a walk in the park with a smile on the face. The amount of smiles that came back to me, when I did just that, was astonishing.  I keep my focus on bringing joy, health and abundance into my life with every inhalation during my Yoga class or practice. Taking a moment to watch my breath every now and then during the day, whether I drive the car to pick up my kids or do my chores, helps me to connect again with that true source of power, rather then getting sucked into a cycle of fear. I also repeat empowering affirmations, which I make up myself to hold on to the thoughts of abundance.