Of thieves and loving kindness


This week has been a shitty week, pardon my language. My son and I were attacked by some knife-wielding cp_pursesnatcher1thieves on a motorbike early morning. They were out of luck because I only had my son’s schoolbag in my hand. Then my car broke down and finally my sunglasses were stolen. Although the guys on the motorbike were obviously more vile and professional in their pursuit, my thought was what person thinks something left in a shelf automatically becomes public property?  Is there a difference between threatening someone with a knife and simply taking something that you know doesn’t belong to you? Although the Yamas in Raja Yoga clearly state rules of conduct: Ahimsa for non-violence and Asteya for non-stealing I believe these universal laws of human conduct are not exclusively taught in Yoga but are part of every religion. Obviously the guys on the motorbike do not practice Yoga. Well, I can’t change the way those thieves think or act, but I can change the way I react to that incidence. First I am grateful that both I and my son remained unharmed, second that they did not get my handbag and third that I can finally get some new sunglasses. It will take me a little more practicing of “loving kindness” to actually see that those thieves are caught in their own downward-cycle of life. And finally next time I better remember how I judged these thieves when someone offers me that pirated CD.

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  1. Fenella says:

    Hi Monica,
    I’ve finally managed to visit your site and it’s wonderful! Although i’m back in sabah and i do miss your classes, i’m so glad that there is still that essence of you and your teachings i can read in your blog. I love it – keep it up! Most concern after hearing your attack – i hope you & Joshua are okay.
    Fenella (still looking for that ‘just right’ yoga instructor in KK) 🙂

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