Old habits die hard


Every morning while having my breakfast I read the newspaper. As I open the newspaper FEAR stares me in the eye: fear of swine-flu, fear of losing the job, fear of being pounced on by ruthless snatch-thieves. The list continues as you all know newspaper sell on disaster and misery. At least the Malaysian newspapers also publicize the latest chicken-prizes. Now that is worthwhile information that could potentially change MY outcome of the day… So why do I keep on reading it; out of habit or because I never catch the mailman on time to stop the delivery? Robert Lawrence Friedman, a psychologist and motivational speaker says it takes 21 days to change a habit. So I am going cancel my newspaper delivery and go on cold turkey of 21 days, not reading the newspaper at all. That includes passing by newspaper stands and NOT glancing at the Malay Mail headlines. And if anyone wants to fill me in with the latest political dramas, I will politely but firmly decline. Now that can’t be so hard. How about creating an empowering habit? During the Christmas break I actually got up every morning at 5.30am to do my Yoga. The first few days I was delirious with energy until about 2pm when I crashed. Then I got used to this special and delicious feeling of energy and looked forward to it every day. However initially my biggest obstacle was my own self-sabotaging mind-talk! My mind would say: “Never mind, just sleep a little longer, you are so tired”. Then my other mind would say: “Get up lah, you’ll regret it for the rest of the day if you don’t”. That would go on for about ten minutes and the latter usually won but occasionally I would regret not having gotten up. That was during the Christmas-break. I had created a good habit, and then let it go… So tomorrow morning not only will I not read the newspaper, I will also get up an hour earlier. After all how hard can it be…I got 21 days?

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  1. Irene Low says:

    Your resolution is worth applauding. I’m sure things can’t get any worse not reading the papers.

    Warmest thoughts from Melbourne

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