Household chores and Ujyay breath

ironing-womanAnyone not living in Malaysia will declare me a spoilt brat. Why? Our maid ran off and left us with all the housework and the babysitting… To defend my position however, I must say that I organized my life around having help in the house. I won’t bore you with details but I am pretty busy without having to mop the floor and that doesn’t include facials or having my nails done… This is one of the advantages of living in Malaysia. You can actually afford help. Now that is beside the point. The point is that everything and everyone changes all the time. It is a constant adaptation to the moment. Just as I want to be present in my breath during Yoga practice I now need to be more present for my children and household chores. It is so much more challenging to practice Yoga when you have a million other things to do. That brings me to an observation I made the other day, when I attended a morning session with Edward Clark. I love being a student and always feel inspired by other teachers, their knowledge and creativity. We focused on breathing and the Bandhas and how to implement them while doing the postures. However when I came back home I felt grumpy and not quite willing to deal with my 3-year old daughter who has her 3-year old-moments very frequently. So again how serious am I in staying centered? When it suits me? When it is pleasant, exciting or calming? Can I stay focused and content and practice my Ujyay breath when I am doing mundane day-to-day chores rather then Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana (one legged wheel-pose)? Practicing Yoga can be escapism if that is the only time I am able to focus, breathe and be at the moment. So here I go, the challenge is to stay in the same moment of joy, peace and satisfaction whether I finally managed to stand free in a handstand or I just folded and ironed my whole laundry.

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