Get up, play now, do Yoga

What a dream! I am cruising through the air, a sparkling magic lake beneath me, and then I get pulled down and dragged out of this delicious dream by the alarm bell. It is 5am and I am not pleased. My alter-ego and I start arguing:

Alter-ego:I am tired, I didn’t get enough sleep

Ego: If I don’t get up now, I’ll regret it for the rest of the day.

Alter-ego: Why do I have to get up so early?

Ego: Get your butt out of the bed!

Alter-ego: Just five more minutes…

Ego: Get up now!

 Sounds familiar, right? The trick is to give the ego more momentum and let it win. This way I remember the next day how good it felt, when I did get up and I can add to the dialogue: it feels great, doing Yoga before my working day starts. I admit, my dreams are not always great, however my alter-ego will always find an excuse not to get up. Have fun! tired-dog

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