Acceptance, midlife and body-image

mummy and Maya

mummy and Maya

It has been an interesting nine months of learning and accepting for me. I have accepted that I am not superwoman, that my body is aging, and that although I like to do it all, it is not always possible.  With it comes the realization that I am several persons at once; the yoga teacher, the mother, the wife, the office administrator and the friend. Each role I like to play to perfection however I soon realized that there is no perfection. Life is ever-changing like the cells of the body that get renewed over and over.

There are many things I miss at times. Time to be more creative,  lunches with friends, and the leisure to shop whenever everybody else is at work. However there is a newfound satisfaction of feeling more independent, of having a steady income that doesn’t fluctuate in the tides of public holidays.  As idealistic I’d like to see it, we Yoga teachers pay bills like everyone else and the increasing competition hasn’t made it easier to guarantee a steady flow of students.

So now I teach because I love to, though I’d ideally love to teach more. Being a mother and a wife has the implications of wanting to be with my family when they are around. Ultimately that’s the time everyone else wants to practice Yoga. See what I mean? Life is short. It is also very hectic in Kuala Lumpur. Half of the day I am trying to get to one place or another, although I substantially reduced mine and my children’s activities to work, school and outdoor-play.

The older I get, and I am not saying that I feel old, the more I claim respite, as my birthright. Nobody really can make me do anything that I haven’t chosen. I am tired of pretending I like something when I am not and I am tired to massage away my cellulite or tone my sagging skin. I do Yoga because it brings me to that core that gets buried under trillions of little tasks and opinions. My midlife-realization is about acceptance that life doesn’t go on forever and I might as well make the best of it.

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  1. Deenie says:

    I’m very happy for you and seeing Maya grown so much here, reminded me how time flies. I don’t even notice my own children growing up that fast when the fact is they did. I have to slow down!!

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