A little time to be

ocean-with-meditating-man1Rushing from one place to another; traffic woes. Sit still instead. Opt for a massage.

I am coming to terms with the death of my dear friend Vincent. A cast away body, ready for a new adventure in another realm. It is painful only to us, who stay back; struggling to find balance, to find absolution, to be at peace. So much time we take to tend to this body, only to cast it away at the end.

Where do we go? Where is our last breath taking us?

Heavy rain washes away my thoughts. I am happy to be alive, to be with my loved ones. There is only now. Now I am grateful, now I am content, now I am at peace. Now I watch my cats play, with eager eyes and ears, sensing every change, completely focused on each other.

They just are. Can I just be?  





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