The faces of adversity

Do I deserve a break on a public holiday? You bet I do. My idea of chilling out on a lazy day is to sleep in, go for a walk and then do Yoga, allowing it to carry me wherever I feel like it’s taking me.

m-eyes1I am just beginning to deepen my breath, when the first “distraction” arrives. She has got two big brown eyes, a cheeky smile and a little nose that can smell the makings of pop corn even after an hour has passed.  After a hearty hug and kiss I can continue my inner explorations. Then the other distraction arrives, he has got long eyelashes, a charming smile and wicked humor. Sure enough, another good morning hug and kiss and off I go. jeyes1

Just as I am taking my next deep breath the arguing starts, yet I am still focusing on myself; one pinch, one squeal, another ouch, then a cry, all that, on top of the bed, right beside where I am practicing. Ok, now I am taking another deep breath, not because I have just moved into Urdhva Dhanurasana.

Why oh why do I attract such adversity when all I want is a little peace and quietness? I can only figure that a long lineage of Yogis or God or whoever I believe in is testing my skills. After all I am teaching Yoga! So can I stay calm and relaxed in the middle of turmoil? The answer is sometimes. All I can say is, it is getting easier. If it wasn’t for Yoga I would have probably died of a heart attack already. I used to get pretty worked up about things.

Pratyahara or non-fascination of the senses and Dharana or concentration are but theoretical aspects of Ashtanga Yoga until we translate them into practice in daily life. Few of us have the luxury of meditating and practicing Yoga in calm and remote environments and herein lays the challenge.

It just happens that I also love my little adversaries mentioned above. It is so much more challenging to stay focused on your breath and being calm when you face someone or something that will have you explode.

Living life fully and stay cool (most of the time…) is the ultimate gift Yoga gave me. And….on top of it I am more healthy and energetic as well! So come my little adversaries…bring it on!

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