Happiness is a decision

This has been said before, but I just remembered it because I was in a state of intoleran02_happy-smiley-w-glassesce, not happiness. Whenever there was a trigger, it would throw me into discontent, such as that person who cannot appreciate the work I am doing but focuses instead on my shortcomings. It is her loss really, because that is how she is tuned into the world. She will only see the mistakes although they make up the minority of the whole work done. Seeing the glass half empty or half full is a decision.

I can choose to look for the positive, encourage others, praise where it is due. It starts with my children. Every day is important as it could be the last one. I don’t usually live this way and take life for granted. Once in a while I get shaken up by someone I know who falls gravely ill or dies. I am so caught up in my activities in life that I fail to experience the moment. When the moment catches up with me I am assaulted with thoughts of the past and future.

Buddhist philosophy teaches us to live mindfully, i.e. experience every moment being fully aware. I am alert, when I focus on my breath and let thoughts of what happened and projections of the future pass by. It is possible to be mindful even in the midst of work. Coming over and over back to being aware of my breath, I also can others let be and allow them to find their own peace in their own time. Having decided, I also know I will stumble and falter at times. Then I will pick myself up and continue on the path of being happy regardless…

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