The skills to relax

Being able to relax is a precious tool. Practicing Yoga in a balanced manner, i.e. a mixture between asanas, breathing and relaxation teaches the important skill to relax 01_swirl2not only while lying in Savasana (corpse pose) but also in the midst of activity while we move towards and stay in an Asana (posture). As we become more skilled in our practice, we are able to maintain a pose while mentally relaxing, even though it might be quite a challenging posture.

The practice to relax in the midst of a Yoga posture will help us to transfer this skill into daily life. During each day we are confronted with challenging situations and that is where we test our ability to relax the most. Learning to relax can be a life-saving choice.

Studies done on the effect of Yoga on hypertension (high blood pressure) have shown that practicing Yoga can be an effective tool to lower high blood pressure. Logically a tensed body has also tensed blood vessels. As we consider the body and mind as one unit, it makes sense, that a relaxed mind creates a relaxed body.

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