A life fully lived

14_thankfulHere a yawn, there a snore, some of the fifty over participants used all their willpower to stay awake after an all-nighter. They didn’t party nor did they finish some undone projects from work. Their whole devotion throughout the night was to change something within themselves, so they can have a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Sounds corny? You bet, but this is what they did and there they were dragging their feet and yoga mats to attend the early morning Yoga class, accompanied by the sounds of crickets and chirping birds. The sun was just rising. Some still managed to muster enough energy to do a few extra push-ups (Chaturanga).

It takes determination, focus and willpower to change one’s life. Although the focus is on worldly achievements, it is a phase of becoming freer in other ways. Freer to be who we came here to be, freer to be giving and generous and freer to let it all go, when the time comes. A life fully lived – isn’t that what we all crave for?

The four traditional phases in a Yogis’ life.

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