About forgiveness

I did something that I am not very proud about. I went back on my word on someone and this resulted in repercussions for that person. Despite being initially defensive, the feeling of guilt slowly eroded any argument that I had for making that decision.15_forgive

My pride and that persons pride kept us apart for quite some time. When I finally decided to ask for forgiveness, that person wasn’t able to give it to me for some time. Every time I saw her, I felt bitterness in her heart. I so regretted my action.

Much has been written about forgiveness. True forgiveness helps everyone to move on. Studies that have been done on “forgiveness” show a strong correlation of improved health and well-being and forgiveness. http://stress.about.com/od/relationships/a/forgiveness.htm

Personally I can only tell of my experience, that when finally that person turned to me with a smile and said, it is ok and that she is sorry too for holding on so long, it brought a load of healing and relieve to me as well as to her.

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