10 Minutes on the Yoga mat

We are living a fast pace of life. A common sentence that is used on an almost daily basis is: “I don’t have time” or “I am running out of time”.

17_doing-yogaWhen I was a small child, my mother used to wash clothes by hand, dishwashers were a thing of the future. There were four of us. She took care of the whole family, preparing meals, washing dishes and clothes and clean up after us. Of course, as we grew older, we had to help, albeit grumbling…

Today we have machines for everything and yet there seems to be less and less time available. I am busy myself, although compared to my mother I live in luxurious times. I work, spend time with my children, teach, study and practice Yoga daily.

A long time ago my good friend gave me an advice that I have never forgotten. “No matter how little time you think you have, there is always time to be on the Yoga mat for at least 10 minutes a day”. Trust me; it makes a huge difference to my day.

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