Spiralling up, not down


Yoga is all about raising your energy. Kundalini Yoga’s aim is to spark the inherent life force in the lowest chakra and guide it up into the higher ones. Feeling down is another aphorism of having “low energy”.

A great way to turn around the downward spiral is to ask a “what does it take” question (incidentally this type of posing a question I have learnt from my counselor Monika Wyss). What does it take to feel healthy, happy and full of vitality?

It really works! The moment I tune into the question, which opens me to a child-like expectation, I feel better already. It feels a little like standing in front of a gift I was given and wondering what is inside, being joyful just for the fact that I was given a gift…

By the way, a few times when I was somewhere in my life, where I needed advice, counseling or an objective view to make some important decisions in my life, Monika Wyss was an invaluable source that has propelled me to improve on so many areas that I can only warmly recommend her to anyone in need.

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