I believe in magic

Most of us would have grown up with the story of Peter Pan, who never wanted to grow up and who was saved from certain death by the little fairy Tinker Bell who drank the poison meant for him. Tinker Bell in turn was then saved by 22_peter panchildren stating “I believe in fairies”, for every time a child says “I don’t believe in fairies” a fairy will drop dead. Yet at that crucial moment the united power of a belief not only saved Tinker Bell but also brought back her strength and power.

I still get mesmerized by that story. Although it is a beautiful tale written by J.M. Barrie, it strikes me as a perfect allegory of how powerful believes are.  In times of ill-health, despair or sheer bad luck a belief can make all the difference.  When I watched a video from the aftermath of the devastating typhoon in the Philippines last month I couldn’t but marvel at some of the people who were interviewed, who showed defiance and managed to smile despite having lost everything.

I believe that we hold an incredible power within us, to heal, to change and to make a difference in this world and to accomplish anything we set our minds to. And each person can decide for themselves where they think that power comes from.  Just remember, every time we state we don’t believe in ourselves, a little spark of trust and power of creation die in us.

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