Being angry

angry-woman1There I am having a fit of anger and get the standard line: “but you are doing Yoga, how come you get so angry!” Believe me, I do get angry despite doing Yoga. Being a mother, my buttons get pushed all the time. My children are my greatest teachers and bring forth all those deep-seated, raw and not-dealt-with emotions. Yoga just helps me to manage them better. There is one more difference. Now I SEE myself being angry rather than just being fully involved in it. I see myself reacting, but another part of me watches that and thinks “what is she going on about?” In Buddhist teaching it is called “passive witnessing”. Sure one part of me doesn’t feel so passive at that particular moment, but another part kind of just sits back and observes. There is a great website out there that teaches how to deal with any type of anger and gives rules how to fair-fight Anger can be a great driving or an incredible destructive force. It is one of the most primary emotions we learn to mostly suppress as children. Rather than suppressing it I taught my son how to express it without hurting anyone. Scream into a cushion, bang the baseball-bat into it, jump around, and write about it. We all have our times that are out of control. However all of us are getting better at expressing it with more damage-control. After all it is a powerful energy, it is good to use it wisely.

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