Positive versus Negative

23_yingyang pos negHow do you stay positive and believing that all will be well? We are living in turbulent times. Having witnessed a good part of the world moving through a crippling recession it is at times hard to stay positive. During the night subconscious fears arise and it is then I must draw heavily on skills learnt to stay focused on a bright future. I believe the biggest challenge is not to get sucked into a mass-consciousness which gets constantly manipulated through negative news in the media. Another advise comes from Scott Dinsmore  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpe-LKn-4gM who teaches to follow your passion and to surround yourself with positive people, if you want to stay in an upbeat state of mind. Although I do agree, simultaneously I am aware of the fact that I have learnt important lessons about myself from “negative” people. And what if the “negative” person is your family member or a good friend who happens to move through a bad phase in their live? Am I to cut off all ties to that person, even if they stay in a depressed state? Or can I become a beacon of hope for that person, because I might be the positive company they need to move out of their doom state? When I sometimes wake up at night and am in a state of worry and fear I remind myself that one it is a temporary state and two, fear changes nothing in a possible outcome in the future. I have also learnt that being in a truly “positive state of mind” incorporates the knowledge that even if there is reason to fear something, I will have all the tools and skills to deal with it, when the time comes.

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