The Fear of Not Being “good enough”

23a_pigeon pose with straps 27_simple pigeonhow many times have I had to take a deep breath because I felt I missed out or was too late for an opportunity or felt that I did not have the skills to compete. At such a moment I need to remind myself of the abundance in the Universe. Really there is enough for all of us. I also need to remind myself that everything I need to know is already within me.

Instead of feeling intimidated by the perfect yoga pose picture of the other teacher, I remember the many positive feed-backs and happy faces of my students when they, despite having health issues or not being the “flexy-bendy” type achieve a pose previously thought of as “unattainable”. They (and I) might not be able to touch the big toe to the back of the head in the full pigeon pose, but wow do they look graceful holding the strap and breathing fully as they mobilize the right muscle support in perfect alignment and balance!

With media depicting all these “perfect” people we tend to forget that 90% of us are as we are. Now the beauty is, that being normal, a bit older, having a pound or two more then that model in the magazine is no reason at all to prevent us of doing what we love and is certainly no reason to hold us back in any way. In case you are not convinced, watch this TED presentation with Diana Nyad, it will blow your mind!

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