Complete trust

29_Cat TrustOne of our three cats, whom we rescued, shows us what complete trust means. She lies on her back, snuggling next to my daughter, paws over her face, completely exposing her belly. Besides looking the cutest she prompts me to contemplate when we last could trust someone so completely allowing us to expose our innermost vulnerability. We are so used to put up a front that it is hard at times to admit being vulnerable even to ourselves.

We live in a society that values success and youth. To admit failure takes courage and a willingness to show our weakest spot and then to get up and try again (Huffington Post). Scott Dinsmore devotes a chapter of his course LiveYourLegend to being vulnerable and states that to be truly living a life of passion we have to be completely honest with others and ourselves.

My cat doesn’t know failure or that growing old is anything but the course of nature. She knows she is safe with us and that’s what we need to be able to open up. For some people back-bends in Yoga are hard to do, as they require us to soften our heart and expose our frontal body with only the muscles to protect our inner organs and all they represent. I used to hate them, although I still did them until my teacher Desirée Rumbaugh showed me how to do them safely. I never looked back since then because the exquisite feelings of energy and strength are now accompanied by freedom of movement that I never experienced before.

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