It’s all a matter of perspective

A great book to start taking responsibility for your thoughts is: “the Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. 

 glass-half-full-empty2I wished I could travel to see my family in Switzerland every year and that I could travel to any otherdestination of my choice as well. However so far we only make it back every two years, which is mostly a financial decision. I was talking to someone else who wished she could travel with the airline of her choice, instead of taking the cheapest ticket, for which she then gets reimbursed by her company. The next person wished he could travel period, but cannot afford it at all and has never been anywhere else then his birthplace. Some people do not wish to travel and are happy where they are. And the last person IS travelling anywhere and anytime she wishes. It is human nature to want and strive. That is how we evolved. Otherwise humans would still be happy catching fish with their bare hands instead of doing so with nets. But when does the striving and wanting get as destructive as the big trawler nets that fish out the seas regardless of kind and size of its catch? It is all a matter of perspective whether I see life as a set of circumstances that I have no control over or I see life as a presenter of choices, so I can evolve and grow. If there is an obstacle that prevents me of reaching a goal I could choose to like the challenge to overcome it or dislike the obstacle of being there. So likewise I could choose to be happy to travel back to Switzerland every two years, instead of never be able to get there anymore, right? However that doesn’t mean I am not striving for making it possible to go back every year. To get back to the trawler: If I go back to Switzerland every year within the same financial circumstances, ignoring all obligations, which would be like overfishing the oceans…it would be foolish and selfish, because it cannot be sustained. On the other hand, if I can take up opportunities to create more financial freedom, I not only keep on learning new things (even if it is about your own limits…) but also can become that person that IS travelling anywhere and anytime she wishes.


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