Rules for Thoughts of limitations

I am confronted with all kinds of limiting thoughts as I am in the process of rescheduling my work and classes, taking pictures, writing about what I believe in etc. The worst are the comparing thoughts; I don’t usually fare very well in them. So I established a few rules:

Rule No. 1If you have been trotting the earth for a whileDhanurasana w-ball_19-1-14Do not compare yourself to the lithe 20-year old in the advertisement depicting a Yoga pose to induce you to buy the latest wrinkle-cream.

As an after-thought, why don’t they depict the 80-year old BEFORE and AFTER using that same wrinkle cream (if it really works – that would make great advertisement)!

Rule No. 2 – If you are an ordinary being, juggling work, family, teaching, and studies – Do not compare yourself with Superman! Resources, i.e. energy may be limited, especially if you have been trotting the earth for a while! So – give yourself a break and go catch some sleep, even if not everything is done…

Rule No. 3 – If your body has average and not completely synchronized dimensions, only bends to a certain limit and might show a few dimplesDo not compare yourself with the model in the magazine!

However should you need a boost of self-confidence, feel free to photo-shop that latest photo, wearing body-hugging, skin-coloured tights. Or hire a good photographer, e.g. Andie Ringeisen, Reiki-Master and photographer who knows how to position you into the best possible light…

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