I feel alive

I have been waiting patiently, fathoming the outcome of continuing what I was doing for another 10 years. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Although life is constantly changing, we are so caught up in creating a safety net of habits that it appears that things stay the same. As if this is not already bad enough, as we age we are told and shown over and over that we 30_woman jumpingbetter hang on to what we have, for risking of losing it all. How can we not believe what seems such proof of evidence?

Yoga philosophy covers every aspect of mind and Maya is not only a beautiful name but also means illusion in Sanskrit  . We create a world of habits to feel safe, which doesn’t necessarily mean that we are safe. Nothing wrong with that as long as we are aware of the illusion…

And for the less philosophically inclined we can thank God that there are real people from whom we can learn courage and unlimited believes from, s.a. Louise Hays, who said “my life only began when I was 50” and began building an empire on positive believes, or Diana Nyad, who swam 102.5-mile journey from the island of Bimini (Bahamas) to Florida at age 64. 

The truth is, I have not felt so alive in a long time. I am finally practicing what I feel I came here for. There will always be the worries, but heck, I am going to give it a go and love my life while I am at it!

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