One day like this, next day like that

First another heavy dose of haze arrived in Kuala Lumpur, then the unfortunate news of the missing Malaysian airplane shook the way I view the world.

Every time my pilot husbands returns safely from his flight I utter a silent prayer of thanks, even more so now. I can only imagine the worry of the families who have been affected by the disappearance of their loved ones.

As much as I am wondering like everyone else how on earth this could have 31_blue skyhappened, it brings me closer to the realisation how precious and albeit short life is.  It is also very unpredictable. Just as I was bracing myself for another day of choking, grey air, the most exquisite blue sky greeted me this morning.

 I am enjoying the fresh air (for Kuala Lumpurs’ standards), sparkling sun and breeze, well knowing it could just last for a day. And as for now, perhaps no news might be good news. I certainly keep praying for the safe return of the passengers of flight MH370.

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