A glorious day

33_sunrise KLIt was a glorious morning. A distance away lightning highlighted soft cottony clouds. Birds, grasshoppers and frogs greeted the slowly emerging sun together with me as I was doing Yoga watching the sky take on a gradually darker blue.

This isn’t some remote island I am talking about. I am looking out of my own bedroom windows in Kuala Lumpur. The landscape gardener of our condo did a marvellous job in creating green space so I can actually see native Malaysian birds flying around the vicinity of my windows.

It is a wonderful day, I bought herbs to plant out of my window and my daughter was strangely quiet when I diffused a mixture of essential oils called “peace and calm” in her bedroom last night. Seemingly unconnected these events are I believe that everything we do creates harmony that carries me forward if I choose to.

Yes it can be the other way around too. Those moments will pass as will everything else in our lives. So enjoy the moment of beauty and harmony and move through the other ones with grace and courage, well aware of the fact how fleeting life is.

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