A true Malaysian street cat

We’ve got these three cats. All of them are strays and two of them have these mutated bottle-brush tails. Their characters are very different. As we recently moved from a house into an apartment they had to adjust to a new environment. I felt so sorry for them as they can’t go outside as they used to. To protest their forced reallocation they promptly peed and pooed around our home to much chagrin of my husband (and me of course).IMG_20140502_214024

 The one cat discovered a new pastime of jumping from the balcony to the outside-air conditioner unit, which made my heart stop every time. One day after much searching I looked down the three floors and there he was looking up at me with his green eyes from the car park. Having “parked” himself underneath the car for most of the day I managed to retrieve him with the cat-carrier (any attempt to carry him will have you ripped to pieces). By the way he is very happy to be back home. We opened the door for him to learn to find his way up and down the stairs rather than tumbling down from the third floor. And he won’t leave!

 After our other cat continued pooing into our rooms I said enough is enough and opened the door a little longer. Now that cat is forever hungry. He has been dewormed is being fed abundantly but seems to be constantly hungry. He is not fat; the poor thing must have a fast metabolism.

 Thinking he would run for his freedom as pooing denotes protest at something or other, we thought letting him go downstairs is what he wants. After some time we went to check whether he was frolicking outside in his new found freedom,  exploring a hole (which are mostly drains in Malaysia), rubbing his body in the wet grass or perhaps even chasing a tree shrew. Guess where we found him: in the neighbours rubbish bin searching for food.

Now isn’t that a true Malaysian street cat?

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