Beautiful tale of hope

35_marbleWe were playing in the water, throwing big marbles which shone incandescently in the pool as we dove to find them; an attractive game for 8 to 9 year olds and a great way to start new friendships.

As two shy girls looked at each other across the water I couldn’t help but become that match maker, albeit with a selfish thought of being able to swim a few laps instead of diving to find marbles.

Once the contact was established and rules of play set, I asked a few questions to acquaint new friends; one of them was where your mum or dad is right now? Surely there must be a vigilant parent somewhere looking out for his or her 9 year old daughter.

When she pointed to one of many persons across the pool I couldn’t make out which one it was and to clarify I asked her. Is your Dad Chinese? And she answered with utmost innocence: No, he is Malaysian! God bless her! And here I was with my foot in my own mouth….

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  1. Sulin says:

    Lovely, Monika! 🙂

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