Lavender fields YL

Until yesterday, when I listened to the founder of Young Living essential oils, Gary Young, I just read about the seed to seal process and although very impressive I didn’t understand the full scope of what that actually means. Gary Young took the trouble to explain in minute detail – accompanied with photos, chemical charts and analytic data – the process of acquiring land, cultivating it, restoring balance to a stressed soil, which can take up to five years, the selection of the best seeds, planting and harvesting the herbs at the right time of the year – even the right time of the day – to distilling it. The whole presentation was backed up by research data and his personal learning journey throughout the last 28 years of cultivating these highly potent essential oils. He further elaborated on many of his personal experiences witnessing the power of these potent, highly concentrated oils. When I hold a bottle of these oils in my hand now, I understand the sweat, the research, the venturing into lands all over the world in search of the right piece of land (e.g. Frankincense in Somalia) that has gone into 15 ml of a substance that has incredible powers to restore balance in our body and I revere, honour and appreciate every single drop of it.


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