The Course of a disease

YOGA v1.1Because I have been teaching Yoga for over 22 years and have been practicing Yoga for 30 years; therefore there often is an assumption that I am:

  1. never losing my temper
  2. am in perfect control of my life and
  3. should be in a perfect state of health

Because I have immersed myself with knowledge of holistic health and applied it on my family and myself for the past 30 years, thus there might be an assumption that

  1. I or my family members never get sick
  2. if I or my family members get sick I do have the magic bullet making them healthy immediately and
  3. I have endless amounts of energy and endurance

I wished the assumptions were all true.

The truth is, I am a human being doing my best to maintain balance in me and my family’s body and mind. We are, like everyone else exposed to countless assaults of viruses, bacteria, environmental pollution and stress.

The only difference is: I use natural methods, s.a. Yoga, exercise, nutrition, homoeopathy, Schuesslers tissue salts and therapeutic essential oils to deal with the onslaught of external factors which bring my delicate physical, mental and spiritual balance out of sync.

The course of a disease in most cases of a general infection, s.a. the flu will mostly occur as follows:

  • Incubation periodin between being infected and manifesting symptoms
  • Prodromal period – pathogen multiplies, symptoms, s.a. headache, nausea and general malaise may appear
  • Acute or invasive phasepathogen invades and damages the host tissue – fever, chills, runny nose due to body producing pyrogens (produces fever) and antibodies and reactions to toxins produced by virus or bacteria
  • Decline phaseimmune system overcomes the effects of the pathogen, symptoms subside
  • Convalescencebody starts repairing itself and regains strength

Now why bother dealing with illness – and unstable emotions the natural way? Because:

  • it aids me and my family to get over the stages faster
  • it aids me and my family to remain healthy for longer periods of time in between illnesses
  • it may help me and my family not to develop chronic conditions
  • it aids our own natural defenses
  • it aids in the detoxification process through elimination (instead of suppression)
  • it contributes to my overall sense of well-being

I and my family just went through a bout of flu. I surrendered, put up with my runny and stuffy nose, kept helping my body to get rid of toxins and today I am feeling much better. The only way not to have symptoms (e.g. in flu, runny/stuffy nose, malaise etc.) is to temporarily knock down your immune response by taking over the counter medications. That can be a choice, however in my experience the symptoms will come back in full force as soon as that medication wears off. So my choice is to take/apply therapeutic essential oils, tissue salts, rest, lots of fluid and wholesome and light nutrition. What’s yours?

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