Is the brain a muscle?

39_BrainI just love my life. That is if I don’t get distracted by thoughts of fear, if then… The brain works like a muscle, it needs to be exercised in order to remain positive. Well, at least my brain. Some babies get born with a smile on their face; I was probably born with a frown on mine. Nevertheless, I feel fortunate to be blessed with abundance of opportunities to improve my life in every aspect. To be assured on a daily basis that it is my choice to see the world in a positive or negative light is a blessing in itself; and to have experienced for half a century that my attitude, my focus and my attention does make a difference in what I perceive and attract in life is another bonus. So every day I make a choice to love my life and wait in anticipation, like a child presented with a wrapped gift, what life has to offer me. Guess what, I haven’t been disappointed so far.

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