The Sun is pure energy


Malaysians will probably not understand why some Caucasians lie in the sun midday, exposing their skin to harmful UV-light. I do understand that deep yearning for the warmth of the sun having grown up in a country of four seasons, albeit they are not as romantic and confined to a certain time of the year than imagined by many Asians who never left their countries of origin.

The sun has a different role to play in a climate as hot as Malaysia, mostly to be avoided as much as possible, admittedly it yields as much energy as harmful elements, however we will all agree that without sun there is no Life.

I believe that through the practice of Asanas (postures) which are named after plants and animals – for example the tree pose, the camel, the cat pose –  we express the energy of that particular Asana within ourselves.

Thus by practicing The Sun Salute we celebrate and manifest the energy of the sun within ourselves.  The flowing movements of the body create a psycho-physical rhythm that soothes and energises body and mind simultaneously. In the classic Surya Namaskar a Mantra is being sung to each asana, stimulating the release of endorphins and balancing of mind, body and spirit. Each Yoga teacher (also in Samkkya Yoga Studio) might have their own variation of Surya Namaskar, however the benefits remain similar for all styles: improved body fitness, harmonizing of the endocrine and nerve functions and increased energy.

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