The art of convalescence

“I want this to go away. I just want to be healthy again. I hate being sick”. Does this sound familiar? I speak of experience. Just had and survived Dengue fever. I was miserable, my head was pounding, I felt nauseous, I didn’t even have the strength to stay seated for a few days. All I wanted was for it to be “over”.

Yet, when the worst days were over, I began feeling something strangely comforting. I was happy to just lie there and do nothing. I was content not being in pain, eating small and nutritious meals, enjoying the odour of my essential oils again (for example Ginger when nauseous and Peppermint for clarity), being able to walk up the stairs without panting. This, my friends, is the convalescing period and it is the most important part in recovery.

08_convalescenceThere are several ways to support the immune system to get well again. First of all it’s the all but forgotten art of resting. Resting allows the body to aim its energies toward healing rather than using up precious resources to complete the latest deadline. If you need to be back at work, go to bed earlier. Eat nutritious food, you just need to listen to your body, it will tell you what you need; soups for example are a great way to ease the burden of digestion and nourish the body during convalescence.

Adjust your life-style to incorporate stress-reducing activities. This can be anything from a drawing class to practising Yoga or meditation, albeit for convalescences practice a gentle Yoga routine. Take a stroll in nature or practice Tai Chi. We are all different, do something you enjoy and make those necessary adjustments in life. And last but not least, saying thanks to our capacity to heal and be well again. Our immune system is the greatest gift we have been given. All we need to do is – to support it.

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