Monika: +6-012-201 5070

Yoga Hive TTDI Studio:  Monika 012-201 5070, Hanim 019-289 6338


4 Responses to Contact

  1. Fenella Jinu says:

    Hi Monica,

    How are you? I still read your blogs whenever i can – i haven’t for a while & when i did recently i noted the passing of Vincent. To me that can only mean Vincent Tam and my heart fell and i’m filled with shock and sadness.
    I’ve moved to Adelaide, Australia with my son and got married last year to a wonderful man who is a chiropractor! I’m still in search for a yoga teacher – you’re pretty irreplaceable.
    I hope you’re doing well and all is well at the home front.
    love, Fenella

  2. Daniel says:

    you r Malaysia girl?

  3. danny says:


  4. monisbest says:

    Havanestudio TTDI

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